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I love all of these guys so I just had to. ;-;♥

Love thisssss

I tried my hand at an alien sim for fairsteadsims, but I fear I missed the aesthetic by a mile… oTL

Anyway, Maia Pleiades. Eldest of seven sisters. Attends parties hoping to get trade secrets from tipsy CEOs and other big wigs. Plays the part of the meek eldest daughter very well. Wicked ear for gossip. Can probably drink you under the table.

Rachel, if you’d want her, let me know!

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Ven too.

I have this headcanon that botanical names are considered old-fashioned in the berry world, since they hail back to the days of pre-berry rainbowcies.

(But I really just wanted a Ven and Vivi/June and Ginny combo. Pseudo-alliteration!)

Enjoy him being small and squishy while you can, Ginny. We all know how fast sim babies grow.


"How the hell does she even start these episodes?"

"Now I’ll feel dumb if I ask. But she obviously wants this on her blog, so…"

"Whatever. I’ll wing it."

Episode 43 is now live!

Someone finally makes their appearance~!

And yes, she does still have the bear she got as a gift all the way back in Episode 16!

Continuity is a thing I occasionally pay attention to. Pretty rare though. :P

Vivi’s gotten surprisingly serious about her sibling training!



"What? It couldn’t hurt, could it? Plus, there are plenty of old fashioned botanical names that start with J!"

"I don’t want to pick a name for such an arbitrary reason."

"Well, we’re kinda getting down to the wire! At this rate, this kid isn’t going to have a name."

"Then we’ll choose a name on the day of."

"Heh heh. That does sound kinda nice!"

"Ven, check it out! According to this fortune telling, baby names starting with J will lead to a lucky year!"

"You actually believe stuff like that?"