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Feeling pretty good today. :)

One more week!

Everything was great, from Kai’s warmth to CC’s mimed retching in the background. It was familiar and welcome after a summer back home.

Sophomore year was gonna be even better than freshman year. I could tell! How could it possibly go wrong at this point?

"Well? Have you forgotten how handsome your boyfriend is in person?"

"Ha ha, you arrogant twit! I missed you so much!!"

And it wasn’t even that long before I saw my other favorite person!



"Ugh, him again."

"Yes, good to see you too, Saoirse."

"Saoirse!! CC, you’re here!!"

"Yeah, yeah. Looks like Maple and Mulberry are together again."

"Heck, it wouldn’t be the same without you!"

And before I knew it, I was back as a sophomore!

We talked all through the night about how we’d stay in touch this summer. About how next year, we’d be sure to visit each other’s hometowns. I told him that he’d have to get past my big brothers, leaving out how they were total pushovers.

Ah, I really shouldn’t’ve waited until the last day.

Then again, I might not have gotten anything done…

"Assume that you’re my girlfriend."

"Well…I think that’s safe enough to say~"



"You know I’m pretty fond of you, right?"

"I’d like to think you are."

"Then why do you think I’ll be foolin’ around with other guys?"

"W-well…I don’t want to assume."

"Assume what?"