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Juniper in his handmade pajamas!

This style of pajamas make him seem a little bit more grown up. I legit got a little wistful over this fact. Throw me in the simblr trash bin.

Baby Ven is adorable, but man are his genes strong. I’m seeing Vivi and June in this pic.


"Hey everyone! Welcome to episode 47! Hard to believe we’re so close to 50, eh?"

Episode 47 is now live!

Ginger gets business casual! Vivi gets upset! And there are at least three mothers present in this episode!

Anything can change!

Guess what game I’ve been playing too much lately!

While working on my Simblreen gift, things took a turn…maybe I’ll learn how to add stencils to jackets so I can really have a tactician hoodie for the sims!


"Hello everyone! Welcome to Episode 46~! It’s been since December, hasn’t it?"

Episode 46 is now live!

There’s a lot of learning going on in this episode! Also a lot of June being cute, but that happens in most episodes.

Storyteller Logic

I have a hard time making poses with detailed hand movement. Fingers, especially, are the worst.

Therefore, of course, I write a character who will require lots and lots of ASL poses.

Ha ha…ha…haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…….


"Remember, the party starts in an hour. Sure you don’t need help getting there?"

"Ven, it’s fine! Go on, go help Anise set up."

Episode 45 is now live! There’s a birthday party! There’s prizes that cost “eleventy million” tickets! A light bulb may or may not explode!!!

Read on to find out!

Tomorrow, he’d have it back together.

Tomorrow, he would act like nothing had happened. He would drink his coffee, scowl at his smiley-face pancakes, and feed Juniper cheerios with the airplane spoon. 

But that was tomorrow.


"Oh Ven…"

"It’s like my brain has some sadistic vendetta. You and June and Vivi and everyone are fine. I know that. But once I’m asleep, I…”

He leaned his head back, tapping against the wooden bars of the crib. Ginger gently took his hand, uncurling it from a fist and weaving their fingers together.

"I’m right here, Ven."

He was almost embarrassed at how much those words comforted him. She was here and alive, vibrant and healthy, and that alone would soothe him. The tension went out of his shoulders as he tugged her into a hug.

"Thank god for that."

She smiled against his shoulder.

"…I dreamt the crib was empty."